25 Activities to try during your maternity leave


When I have a long stretch of unstructured time, I just about lose my mind. I like to have goals and a to-do list, even if its someone else’s list.

Running out of ideas for what to do with your baby during maternity leave? Here is my list of goals for you. Try to choose one outing or activity to build your day around.

Afterward, you can spend the rest of the day staring at your baby or hiding from your baby and I won’t judge you one bit!

Be fearless
1. Observe Fearless Fridays.
2. Talk about sex.
3. Go on a recon mission.
4. Take your baby swimming. Scary and fun.
5. Take your babe to the movies. Twice. In case the first time is a failure.

Be romantic
6. Go out for just dessert.
7. Celebrate your old selves and be in love.
8. Reconnect over dinner. Have a romantic meal just the two of you.
9. Lube up. It’s the only way to get past 2nd base anymore.
10. Pretend you and your partner are teenagers babysitting instead of housebound parents.

Be selfish
11. Track your own mama milestones. Be proud.
12. List 50 things you like to do. Do those things once you finish my list.
13. Learn to rely on daddy. Then schedule a spa day.
14. Interrupt someone’s work day. (as if you’re the first one to do this!)
15. Learn how to take a shower while home alone with your baby. Trust me, this skill will serve you well.

Be girly
16. Tweeze, dye, and feel pretty.
17. Think with your melons. What’s more girly than that?
18. Start a Ladies Night or Moms’ Night Out. Every month if possible.
19. Find a pretty top or sexy dress to show off your huge boobs. Wear it a lot.
20. Get a pedicure.

Be creative
21. Create an easy time capsule.
22. Bust out your sewing machine to make easy baby pants.
23. Design awesome baby outfits with your printer.
24. Make an easy swaddling blanket.
25. Convert a T-shirt into a newborn gown.

Want more ideas? Buy our book, The Rookie Mom’s Handbook for 250 activities to try with (and without!) your baby. It’s diaper-bag compatible!

[most excellent illustration by Amy Saidens from the RMH]