20. Go to ten live concerts

Remember when you used to save every ticket stub? Remember that first concert to see Rick Springfield when you were so excited but you fell asleep anyway? Or that next concert to see Whitney Houston, who was still so new at the whole singing thing that she kinda sucked? Or that next concert to see Poison? Those were the days!

Or was that just me?

I love love love going to live music concerts. I loved it in junior high and high school when I went with my friends to the Richfield Coliseum or the Blossom Music Center for outdoor shows. I loved it in college and as a young single woman living in Chicago. My only complaints were that I was too short for stand-up shows and too sleepy for late-night shows, but whatever. Find me a day-long music festival and I was a happy person.

Since becoming a mom has made going to concerts more challenging, I set a goal for myself to see ten live concerts over the course of my 1000 days. Unfortunately, I didn’t save my ticket stubs so I’m recreating this list from memory:

  1. Arcade Fire at Greek Theater (6/2/07)
  2. Ryan Adams at Berkeley High School (7/07)
  3. Hot Buttered Rum at the Independent (1/4/08)
  4. Jazz Show at Yoshis SF (1/11/08)
  5. She Wants Revenge at Fillmore (6/20/08)
  6. Dave Matthews Band at Greek Theatre (8/08)
  7. John Wesley Harding and Eugene Mirman plus the Cabinet of Wonders at the Indpendent (4/09)
  8. Chris Mann at Vdog’s (4/16)
  9. Neko Case at the Warfield(6/9/09)
  10. Death Cab for Cutie and Andrew Bird at the Greek(7/11/09)

Do kids music shows count? I saw Hot Buttered Rum at Ashkenaz and the Sippy Cups twice. I also saw this dude with puppets at the library. Somehow I don’t think they really count toward my goal of recapturing the awesome