15 things to do while you’re pumping

I have heard some crazy stories about where people have pumped: driving down the highway (hooray for hands-free pumping bras!); on an airplane; in a multi-stall bathroom at work surrounded by young 20-somethings who had no freaking idea what you were doing or why, only that it was weird. Ok fine, I was the young and rude 20-something in that story. But for those who are not busy running a marathon and pumping at the same time — yes, some dedicated folks take pump breaks during a long run — it can be a boring daily task where you are stuck alone in a room in a seated position.

What to do while pumping -- a guide for working moms.

Since we’re working with Philips AVENT as they launch their BPA-free double electric comfort pump, we thought we’d share some inspiration for how to use your pumping time wisely, focusing on three goals: treating yourself, being productive, and reconnecting.

Treat yourself

Read a book that takes your mind to another place.
Page through a guilty pleasure magazine.
Play a game or solve a puzzle on your phone.
Save a delicious treat to eat when you’re pumping. (This might break Heather’s very strict hygiene rules about pumping, but I’d do it.)
Play a favorite podcast in your earbuds.

Be productive

Order groceries for delivery.
Plan a vacation, or even just some weekend activities.
Take care of something that’s been on your list — a lost password that’s been stopping you from getting something done?
Go through the photos on your phone and delete the ones that aren’t worth saving.
Make a doctor’s appointment you need.


Call a friend, voice to voice, not just with your fingertips.
Write a thank you note for something you’ve been appreciating.
Email your sister-in-law just to let her know you like her.
Comment on a blog you enjoy.
Call your mom.

How do you spend your pumping time?

Thanks to Philips AVENT for sponsoring this post. We love that they’re trying to make the pumping experience better for working moms.