10 things I learned from other parents

I get nervous preaching about Stuff Every Mom Should Know because it subtly implies that I know everything that moms need to know. If anything, I frequently tap into my community of moms for their wisdom. Some days, I feel like I am crowd-surfing along on the outstretched arms of my support team.

Here are ten things I learned from other parents that may or may not be in my new book:

  1. Never make a happy baby happier (our pediatrician).
  2. A hands-free baby carrier is essential (Whitney).
  3. Never wake a sleeping baby (Weissbluth).
  4. Breastfeeding hurts (Whitney).
  5. Say “yes” more often; be prepared to defend your “no” (Devra and Aviva).
  6. It’s not failure, it’s research (Rachel and Andy).
  7. The only way out is through (Meggan).
  8. Bananas stain (Molly).
  9. Kids are just as happy with the box as they are with the toy inside (my mom and dad).
  10. Feed the meter (Karp).

Of course, as soon as I finish this list, I want to add more to it. I’m still learning on the job and trying to remember that no matter how messy my house or lame the birthday parties I throw, my kid just wants ME. In the meantime, big boy is still — and always will be — on the frontier of everything I know firsthand about parenting.

So, what have you learned from other moms that I need to know?

[photo via flickrby Bjørn Giesenbauer]