10 Clutter-Free Gifts for Dads & Husbands

Clutter-free Gifts for Rookie Dads

  1. Consumable food. A subscription to a monthly beer, coffee, wine, or meat club will bring something fun in the mail each month. Eat, drink, and be done with it! I always buy bulk candy for my husband’s stocking.
  2. Concert tickets. Use Pollstar.com to find what’s coming soon. Print a picture of the band and wrap it up.
  3. Hotel night to spend with you. Plan a reservation for a date when you’ll be comfortable leaving baby with grandparents overnight.
  4. Gym membership. He’s less likely than you are to take it as a hint.
  5. Class or a single session of learning something new. Tae Kwon Do or drums are a longer commitment. Rock climbing could be a one-shot deal.
  6. Arrange to fix something broken. His bike or that g*d* garage door lock. Tie a bow around it and reveal it at the right moment.
  7. Entertainment. Use the iTunes store to buy a full season of a favorite “cable” show or start a Hulu+ or Netflix membership.
  8. Tickets for a sporting event. Basketball, hockey, local college soccer games, whatever makes him happy.
  9. Xbox LIVE Membership for the year provides more geeking out time.
  10. Premium subscriptions to a favorite website like ESPN, Financial Times, or upgrades for LinkedIn (for the laid-off) and Flickr (for the social photographer).

Want more ideas? Cloud 9 Living has assembled a whole directory of experience-based gifts, from hot air balloon outings to golf lessons with a PGA pro.

Photo credit: abbyladybug on flickr.

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